Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Winter Wedding on a Budget

A winter wedding reception on a budget is easy to put together when you know where to cut down on costs and how to find better deals.

Here are tips to help you save money on your winter wedding reception with everything from flower selection to wedding decorations.


Inexpensive winter wedding receptions do not have to look cheap, and with a lot of creativity when decorating it can look expensive on a budget. Instead of allowing the hall to decorate or hiring a designer to plan, buy and decorate yourself. No matter what your wedding theme is, the best thing you can do is keep everything simple and elegant.

To create subtle and romantic lighting, purchase several plain glass bowls, fill them with water and add a floating candle. Dollar store glass bowls and candles look just as good as designer choices. You can also purchase bags of colored marble or stones, match your wedding colors and drop them into the bottom of the bowls.


Flowers can truly transform a winter wedding reception. There are several ways to reduce the costs and keep your wedding reception on a budget if you shop smart for your flowers. Daffodils, tulips, jasmine and amaryllis are all flowers that are pretty and in season. Also consider adding evergreen, holly and other seasonal plants to your wedding flowers.

Another great idea to save money is to buy all the flowers and arrange them yourselves. There are flower shops that sell flowers in bundles at a discounted price just for this purpose. 

Look at our website hibiscusflowershop.com to get ideas for flowers by the bundle. It is very easy to create simple arrangements and bouquets and can save you a huge percentage of your flower budget. We also offer classes in floral arrangement that can help.

Reception Hall 

The biggest cost for a winter wedding reception is usually the rental of a hall, and most of the time it determines the rest of your budget so it pays to be very smart and conservative. Lately, the trend in winter weddings has been to move things home, either to your parents home or the home of a family friend. If you have a friend that is willing to open their doors to host your wedding reception, that is a great gift. If not, here are some other options to look into.

Look for home rentals in the area, vacation rentals or similar listings to see if you can find a cozy cabin or home to host a reception in. Many times a home rental for a week or even just a weekend is a lot less than renting out a reception hall for a couple hours. Using this option makes your winter wedding reception cozy and memorable because you are able to really turn the wedding into a family affair with all the comforts of home.

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