Friday, July 12, 2013

July Birth Flower

Hardy Water Lily-blooms during the day

Water Lily 

The Water Lily, also known as Nymphaeaceae or "water lily family", is a family of flowering plants and can be found throughout the world. 

The white water lily is the national flower of Bangladesh.

Like other flowers, the Water Lily is rooted in soil, however it grows and floats in bodies of water. The leaves and flowers are above the water, while there rest of the plant stays below the water. The leaves can vary, all being round, but some species containing notches, while others are perfectly shaped.

Water Lilies are divided into two main groups, hardy and tropical. The hardy group only blooms during the day, while the tropical group blooms night and day and is the only group that contains blue flowers.

Tropical Water Lily-blooms night & day

Fun and interesting fact: The Water Lily seed can survive and be planted for up to 2000 years.

Water Lilies are temperamental and clearly the species are separate. Some species prefer the warm air and are found in temperate and semi-tropical zones, some prefer the cold and are found only in northern Canada and Alaska. 

The fragrant Water Lily occurs from Puerto Rico to Alaska and from California to Quebec, but its many subspecies can be found floating in lakes and ponds throughout North America. The fragrant Water Lilies are generally white in color. 

Florida has a species all its own that is called the Yellow Water Lily.
Yellow Water Lily

Alternate July Flower: Larkspur

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