Thursday, April 23, 2015

Caring for Tropical Hibiscus

Tropical hibiscus plants love at least 6 hrs. of sun or more. They start blooming in the Spring through late Fall, later if in a warm climate. You can leave them outside if you live in a warm climate.

They are not hardy (will not survive) outdoors if the temperature drops below 35f. Bring the plants inside & give them bright light. The mature size is 30” tall x 12-15” wide & they grow upright.

It’s okay to use all-purpose fertilizer. One of the many features of the tropical hibiscus is the ability to attract Hummingbirds & Butterflies.

Remember to remove the spent blooms (they look shriveled up, gently pluck them off & they will quickly grow another).

Water daily if planted in an outdoor garden, especially if hot outside. If planted in a pot in or outside, check to see if wet from the previous day; water if dry.

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