Friday, April 5, 2013


April Birth Flower
The April birth flower is the daisy. Daisies are associated with innocence. The gerbera daisy has large colorful blooms, which has made it a favorite with flower lovers. There is a legend that a nymph wanting to escape unwanted attention, transformed herself into the daisy. Ever after this the April birth flower has the flower meaning of implicity and modesty. An alternate birth flower for April is the sweet pea.

The Gerbera Daisy is a perennial favorite. This daisy and April birth flower is a wonderful flower to design boquets with as it can be the focal point or an accent. The Gerbera Daisy is actually a perennial herb native to South Africa. The Gerbera Daisy is also known as the African Daisy, Transvaal Daisy, Gerb, and Barberton Daisy. It is one of the most popular cut flowers. The fresh look of the daisy looks great in any location of your house.

These large bold April birth flower come in dozens of colors and work well in almost any arrangement. The Gerbera daisy has become the most prized daisy variety due to its bold and striking appearance. Although the Gerbera Daisy is native to South Africa, it has become a popular flower the world over. A Gerbera Daisy is perfect for any occasion as it is cheerful and playful. With it's bold colors and regal bearing, the Gerbera Daisy is the favorite among daisies.

The meaning of the Sweet pea can mean Good-bye or Blissful Pleasure
The April Birth Flower is the Sweet pea. The History and traditions surrounding the April Birth Flower, the Sweet pea is fascinating. There are many myths and legends about the origins of this tradition.

The hidden message of the Sweet pea, so favored during the Victorian era was “Thank You for a Lovely Time”.

The colors of the Sweet pea, are extremely varied because so many varieties have been developed. Sweet peas therefore come in a huge mix of soft colors and bi-colors.

Definition of the Sweet Pea: A climbing garden plant having fragrant pastel-colored flowers

The scientific name of a flower species is formed by the combination of two terms: the genus name and the species descriptor in the case of the Sweet Pea the Lathyrus odoratus

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