Wednesday, April 3, 2013



For container gardening, compost can be made in a small garbage pail. In small or large gardens, pick an area.
Mix 2 to 4 parts of green matter such as grass clippings with 10 parts of dried brown debris and a four pound bag of garden soil, which introduces friendly bacteria. Put the brown stuff-straw or leaves on the bottom.

Top that with several inches of green stuff and a thin layer of soil, add a layer of brown stuff again. Moisten the three layers and continue layering green stuff and brown stuff with a little soil mixed until the pile is 3 feet high-it takes a while before you have enough material to build a pile that high, just keep adding to the pile until it gets 3 feet high. 

You can also add coffee grinds and egg shells to the pile. Every couple of weeks use a garden fork or shovel to mix the pile, moving the stuff at the center of the pile to the outside and working the stuff on the outside to the center of the pile. Keep the pile moist, but not soggy.
When you first turn the pile, you may see steam rising from it, this is a sign that the pile is heating up as a result of the decomposing materials (that’s a good thing).

If you turn the pile every couple of weeks and keep it moist, you will see earthworms throughout the pile (you may need to add earthworms to an indoor compost pile) and the center turning black, sweet-smelling soil. When you have enough finish compost in the pile to use in your garden or pot, shovel out the finished compost and start your next pile with any material that has not fully decomposed in the previous one. Email us with more questions on how to compost or garden organically. 

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