Sunday, January 17, 2016

Easy way to Grow fresh Garlic

Hello all,

Well winter has almost set in so why not prepare ourselves for some delicious everyday seasonings while we still have time. 

Let's talk garlic. Yes, garlic. That yummy seasoning that adds the perfect zing and taste to just about every dish we cook--from sauce to eggs to chicken and fish. 

This is an easy one. 

Plant cloves of garlic about 6 weeks before heavy frost. Take large cloves of garlic, tip up in prepared soil. Burying about an inch or 2 above soil; below ground level in zones that are mild. In zones that have harsher colder weather; plant twice as deep. So about 4-6".

Keep the area free of weeds and watered. If possible, use organic, rich well drained soil. 

If all goes well, the garlic should should be ready in 9-10 months from the Fall
planting. So in about July. 

Let us know how it goes, we would love to see pictures and comments on how your fresh garlic cloves came out. 

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